13th Aug 2015 4x4x4x4 Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

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An adventurous and challenging evening for improvising musicians and fans from the Glasgow music scene, including members from the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, FvRTvR, Eight Thumbs, Tripping Landlocked Infidels, The One Ensemble, Peeesseye, Sound of Yell, Luminous Monsters, FUA, Asparagus Piss Raindrop and Death Shanties, among others.

The event is based on the concept of 4x4, where 4 quartets of performers will play together for the first time in a one off evening event.áThe evening is a chance for an audience to watch never before seen pairings of players as well as a chance for musicians and audiences alike to mix and explore a shared interest in “improvised” and “free” music.


Una Macglone
Catriona Mckay
Fritz Welch
Georgie McGeown
Stu Brown
Jer Reidá
Emma Roche
Sybren Renema
Rafe Fitzpatrická
Howie Reeveá
Matt Evá
Sarah Glass
Adam Campbell
Lucy Searle
Alistair Quietsch
Kyle Stewart

ę Catriona McKay 2015